A & E Negligence

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Many of us suffer injuries and illnesses that necessitate an emergency attendance at Accident and Emergency.  Accident and Emergency Departments are one of the busiest Departments in our hospitals.  The Doctors who work there are highly educated and trained.  Their training is such that they know about several specialised medical areas.  Their role is to identify and treat and make appropriate referrals.  On occasions mistakes are made.  The results of tests are missed.  There is no follow up.  On occasion there is a failure to ensure that appropriate referrals are made.  This is something that happens very occasionally but when it does happen it can have devastating consequences for the patient.  In these incidences a patient may be able to establish a claim for medical negligence.  The consequences of the failure in Accident and Emergency can be devastating for the individual.  If you have any issues or any concerns in this regard please contact our Partner Finola Cronin at fcronin@dobbynmccoy.com