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Maritime Law is a very specialised area. Accidents at sea are different to other workplace accidents as fishing by its very nature is a hazardous occupation. Sometimes the conditions in which fishermen operate can be challenging, especially with heavy machinery, the hauling process and weather conditions.

Fishermen are particularly prone to injuries, some of which can be very serious, such as the loss of a limb, spinal injury or soft tissue damage. Trips, falls and other hazards exist to a greater extent on fishing vessels than other workplaces. Vessels may be out at sea for several days, so fatigue is often a factor, along with faulty equipment.

Therefore, a specialised knowledge and engineering evidence is necessary in these cases, as is a full understanding of the different types of fishing vessels. Finola Cronin has a unique knowledge of this area of practice, built up over the last 20 years. She understands the different types of fishing vessels and engineering evidence required.

The southeast has a strong fishing tradition. The work on board a fishing vessel is onerous and dangerous. Crew-members deserve the best possible working conditions. If an accident occurs, proper compensation should be paid. The Health and Safety at Work Act applies to fishing vessels, as well as the owners and fishermen themselves.

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