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Bad health affects us all from time to time and that can include depression and illnesses referable to dementia and recurrent mental health issues. Our Partner Finola Cronin is an expert in this area and a legal representative for the purpose of the Mental Health Act 2001.

This important piece of legislation deals with the rights of involuntary patients who suffer from a mental health disorder. The legislation sets out in detail the process of admission to an approved centre and the treatment that a person can receive. This treatment can sometimes be in spite of the patient’s objection. This is where the role of family and other supports come in to play.

The Enduring Power of Attorney Act and other relevant legislation address the problems encountered when a person loses their capacity. It is vital that all persons consider what they wish to occur if they lose such capacity. A family member or a trusted person should take on role of responsibilities in a prudent and legally protected way.

The law acknowledges the reality of long term psychiatric illnesses generally affecting older persons. Sadly, once these events occur it is often too late to take the necessary steps. Good legal advice from the outset is essential and ideally such steps should be taken when persons consider their wills and what is to happen to their estate after death.

Prudent and sensible planning can save a lot of stress and uncertainty later. None of us know what the future holds but steps can be taken to deal with the issues that can arise due to greater longevity such as the Fair Deal Scheme and personal decisions around the management and disposal of assets.

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