Our History

(We’re even mentioned in Ulysses)

Statue of James Joyce

Practicing in Waterford for over 200 years

The offices of Dobbyn & McCoy have been practising in Waterford for over 200 years, which makes Dobbyn & McCoy the oldest Legal Practice in County Waterford. Dobbyn & McCoy has played a long and enduring role in Waterford’s Legal History.

Our Timeline

We’re Ever Adapting

Waterford has seen many changes over the years, as represented by the bridges that have crossed the river Suir, from “Timber Toes” to “Redmond Bridge”, from “Rice Bridge” to the new “Thomas Francis Meagher Bridge”. With each of these changes Dobbyn & McCoy has continued to provide Legal Services and keep up with the times to ensure we meet the needs of the people of Waterford. Our Practice may date back to the 17th Century but our commitment to service, expertise and excellence reflects a 21st Century Practice providing legal services to the needs of 21st Century Waterford. Waterford is changing and we are changing too.

Dobbyn and McCoy Building