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Conveyancing is the term used to describe the legal process which involves the transfer of a property from an owner to a purchaser.

Buying your  house can be both an exciting and daunting time. Dealing with banks and other financial institutions can be stressful. Here at Dobbyn & McCoy we take buyers through the stages of house purchase. We explain the timelines and costs involved at the outset. We can therefore provide reassurance for clients and reduce the stress involved in such transactions.

For persons who are starting out, we can:

  • advise on the most tax beneficial way to purchase a property
  • guide them through any mode of property purchase (sale, public auction or private treaty)
  • make all appropriate and necessary enquiries prior to contracts being signed
  • negotiate and assist with banks in terms of drawn down of loan cheques

We in Dobbyn & McCoy have been in practice for generations. We are highly regarded and have established good working relationships with estate agents, solicitors, banks etc. This is to the ultimate advantage of our clients.

If you are purchasing or selling commercial properties we can give all appropriate advices in terms of tax implications, the best way in which to hold the title. We can also draw up commercial leases and other legal contracts.

For information about buying or selling a property, please contact:

Danny Morrissey at – Tel. No. (051) 874087
Gerard O’Connor at – Tel. No. (051) 874087
Edel Morrissey at – Tel. No. (051) 390044