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At Dobbyn & McCoy, we offer clear, straightforward advice to both employers and employees across the full spectrum of employment law issues. Our goal is to help employers prevent grievances or claims arising whilst also aiding employees who need advice in terms of termination of employment and rights accrued through employment.

This is a constantly changing area and both employers and employees need the very best and most up to date advice. We provide representation at the Workplace Relations Commission, Labour Court and Circuit Court.

Time lines are crucial in this area. It is important to seek legal advice and assistance in a prompt manner; delay can operate against a client’s interest. In the event that you need this type of assistance, contact Finola Cronin or Rosa Eivers – our employment law team.

The loss of a job can affect not only a person’s pocket but also their sense of dignity and identity. A person may suffer severe long term reputational damage if they are unjustly “fired from their job”.  A lot of Irish Employment law stems from our membership of the EU and the EU’s traditional strong protection of workers’ rights. Every person who works has rights which must be respected by the employer and will be upheld by our statutory employment bodies.

For employers, it is vital to be aware of the rights of employees as mistakes made can be costly. Over the years workers have acquired more rights and employers have acquired more duties. Employers should seek independent legal advice from a firm such as ours if they ever have any queries.

For information about employment law and rights, please contact:

Finola Cronin at fcronin@dobbynmccoy.com – Tel. No. (051) 874087
Edel Morrisey at emorrissey@dobbynmccoy.com – Tel. No. (051) 390044