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Litigation Solicitors Waterford

 Litigation is an area of law where the defence of a client’s civil rights come to the fore. A person’s right to their good name is an example of such vindication and the right to peaceful occupation of property, freedom from trespass is another. It is possible to bring a civil action for assault and trespass to the person.

These are specialist areas of practice and demand a specialist knowledge on the part of the Solicitor. The Statute of Limitations is different depending on which class of action is instituted. Certain Courts have no jurisdiction e.g. the District Court in the area of defamation.

A proper analysis of the facts, knowledge of the applicable law and the presentation of evidence will be determined by our own legal team. Here at Dobbyn & McCoy we have solicitors with many years of experience in this area of practice.

For advice about litigation, please contact:

Finola Cronin at – Tel. No. (051) 874087
Edel Morrissey at – Tel. No. (051) 390044

Criminal Law

If you are ever for whatever reason the subject of Criminal Charges you may need the assistance of a Solicitor to advise you on your rights and what decisions you can and should make in such circumstances. At Dobbyn & McCoy we have years of experience in the area of Criminal Law and for advice in this area contact:

Finola Cronin at – Tel. No. (051) 874087