Colbeck Street

This picture recently came to light showing Colbeck Street in the year 1900. No. 5, Colbeck Street really has not changed much and is still very identifiable, however, the old Victoria Hotel is long gone and has been replaced by the present day offices of Dobbyn & McCoy Solicitors. Colbeck gate being the entrance through the City walls into the City was obviously long gone at that stage. However, a substantial portion of the City walls still survives around the corner from the offices of Dobbyn & McCoy on Spring Garden Alley. Beyond Colbeck gate lay the lands belonging to St. Catherine’s Abbey which has given its name to Catherine Street and appropriately enough the location of Waterford Courthouse. Waterford has a very varied history given the Viking influence and the Anglo Norman influence. However, Dobbyn & McCoy continue to provide the people of Waterford with legal services right in to the Twenty First Century.