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The offices of Dobbyn & McCoy are open for business. Clients may prefer given the current corona virus scare not to attend in person for consultation. We in Dobbyn & McCoy are complying with all directions and requirements of the H.S.E. in respect of this virus. Accordingly, we would like to advise our clients that whilst the office remains open we encourage our clients in as far as possible to do their business with us by telephone or email. If you have any queries that can be addressed by email we encourage our clients to email. We are practising social distancing and we encourage our clients to do likewise. This is in the interests of public health. The Courts are closed for some weeks. However, it is important to note that urgent matters will continue to be dealt with, in particular, if any client is seeking any Order under Domestic Violence Legislation they should contact the office and special District Court sittings are being facilitated. For any further updates as to the Courts we recommend our clients to contact