Health & Safety at Work Act 2005

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The pandemic has changed many things one of which is in the way in which we work.  At the first lock down most people were told to stay at home and indeed work from home.  Jobs that were previously considered as essential to have office attendance were no longer so.  Now that the issue has bedded down somewhat employers have raised concerns about the extent of their liability should an accident happen at home.  It would appear that legislative changes may be needed under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2005.  This would ensure that both employers and employees have a clear understanding as to their responsibilities, rights, and duties.  Clearly comprehensive guidelines in relation to health and safety will be required in order to assist an employer in carrying out a risk assessment of an employee’s remote workplace.  New legislation will be given a priority in the new Dail term.  Furthermore, the Government has committed to provide employees with a right to request remote working.  Clearly this issue is one that will not go away and only time will tell as to the amount of litigation that may ensue.  Issues such as health and safety, property equipment and an ergonomically safe place of work will be very much to the fore.  If you have a query, please contact