Neighbours and Common Boundaries

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There is an old saying that good fences make good neighbours.  In these days where

ideally we should have hawthorn ditches we often have fences and concrete walls.

However regardless of what type of boundary exists between ourselves and our

neighbours it is important that there be no disputes between neighbours which are

notoriously fraught and stressful.  In such a case it would be important to obtain the

title deeds and maps.  It may be necessary to engage an Engineer to go out and look at

the area in dispute and advise.  Sometimes it is the case that a Land Registry map does

not reflect the boundary in question.  Issues frequently arise in cases such as when the

percolation area of the septic tank is not within the owners Folio.  If you have any

queries in respect of neighbours disputes and the interference with a common boundary

please contact Finola Cronin