Personal Injuries

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Workplace Accident

A human resource director sued his employer for injuries he received when, after using the bathroom at his place of work, he had to use a staircase where he slipped, bounced a few flights down on his backside and caused himself injury to his lower back. The plaintiff said he suffered immediate pain and later went to his GP. He was advised to rest and was given a prescription for pain killers. Later, he received courses of steroid injections and a CT guided steroid injection into his spine. After his condition worsened, he had surgery carried out in the Mater Hospital which was a success from which he saw improvement. Defence counsel sought a direction to dismiss the case as negligence by the defendant was not proven. The trial judge dismissed the case on basis that there may have been moisture trapped on the sole of the plaintiff’s shoe causing the plaintiff to slip. The court also heard that the plaintiff had quite a track record of successful personal injury claims.

Ward v Dublin Port Company, Circuit Court ( Judge Cormac Quinn) 28 November 2021