Racism – A Legal Framework

Racism – A Legal Framework

Racism has become a serious issue in Ireland in recent years. In fact, the Workplace Relations Commission noted that discrimination on the grounds of race is the most commom complaint it receives.

Ireland has various statutory protections prohibiting discrimination in respect of employers/employees relations and the provision of services. The Equal Status Act and the Employment Equality Legislation prohibit discrimination on various grounds, including race. The Equal Status Act also prohibits discrimination in terms of access to goods and provision of services, including housing and education.

Discrimination can be established if it is proven that a person has been treated less favourably than another person in a similar situation. Furthermore, it is a criminal offence for a person to procure or attempt to procure another person to do anything that constitutes discrimination or victimisation. This indicates the seriousness that the law attaches to discrimination in terms of employment and the provision of services.

Therefore, discrimination on the basis of race is contrary to Irish law and a person who has been the victim of such racial discrimination is entitled to bring an application to the Workplace Relations Commission.

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